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  1. ALDER, G. J.
    British India's Northern Frontier.

  2. Baart, Joan L.G & Sagar, Muhammad Zaman.

  3. Barrow, E. G.

  4. Barth, Fredrik.
    Indus and Swat Kohistan–an ethnographic survey.

  5. Barth, Fredrik.
    Ecologic Relationships of Ethnic Groups in Swat, North Pakistan.

  6. Bashir, Elena L.
    Topics in Kalasha Syntax: An Areal and Typological Perspective.

  7. Bellew, H. W.
    Kashmir and Kashghar. A narrative of the journey of the embassy to Kashghar in 1873-74

  8. Bonvalot, Gabriel.
    Through the Heart of Asia: Over the Pamïr to India.

  9. Cacopardo, Agusto.
    Are the Kalasha really of Greek origin?

  10. Cacopardo, Agusto.
    A World In-between:
    The Pre-Islamic Cultures of the Hindu Kush

  11. Cacopardo, Alberto.
    Some Findings of Archaeological, Historical and Ethnographical Interest in Chitral

  12. Cacopardo, Alberto& Augusto.
    The Other Kalasha
    A Survey of Kalashamun-Speaking People in Southern Chitral
    Part III: Jinjeret Kuh and the Problem of Kalasha Origins

  13. Cacopardo, Alberto. M .
    Fence of Peristan - The Islamization of the "Kafirs" and Their Domestication .

  14. Cacopardo & Cacopardo .
    Gates of Peristan
    History, Religion and Society in the Hindu Kush .

  15. Cacopardo & Cacopardo .
    Unknown Peoples of Southern Chitral: Part I: The Dameli.

  16. Cacopardo & Cacopardo .
    The Kalasha (Pakistan) Winter Solstice Festival.

  17. Caroe, Olaf, sir.
    The Pathans, 500 B.C. to 1957.

  18. Clark, John.
    Hunza: The Lost Kingdom

  19. Cockerill, R.W.
    Exploration in Hunza and Chitral.

  20. Dani, A. H.
    Shah Rais Khan's History of Gilgit.

  21. Dani, A. H.
    History of the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

  22. Decker, Kendall D.
    Languages of Chitral

  23. Duthie, J.F.
    The Botany of Chitral Relief

  24. Drew, Fredrick.
    The Northern Barrier of India

  25. Grierson, Sir. G. A.
    Linguistic Survey of India Vol. VIII. Part II. Dardic or Pisacha Languages

  26. Harris, John.
    Much Sounding of Bugles
    The Siege of Chitral, 1895.

  27. Ihsanali,Cathybatt,Robinconingham& Ruthyoung
    New exploration in the Chitral Valley, Pakistan: an extension ofthe Gandharan Grave culture

  28. Jettmar, Karl.
    The Religions of the Hindukush, Vol-I

  29. Jettmar, Karl.
    Pertoglyphs as Evidence for Religious Configuration.

  30. Johnes, Schuyler
    The Political Organization of the Kam Kafirs

  31. Keay, John.
    The Gilgit Game–Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1865-95

  32. Keay, John
    When Men and Mountains Meet
    Explorers of the Western Himalayas 1820-75

  33. Knight, E.F.
    Where Three Empires Meet.

  34. Kruetzmann, H.
    The Chitral Triangle
    Rise and Decline of Trans-Montane Central Asia Trade 1895-1935.

  35. Leitner, W. G.
    Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1896.

  36. Leitner, W. G.
    Languages and Races of Dardistan (1878).

  37. Lines, Maureen.
    Beyond the North-West Frontier
    Travels in the Hindu Kush and Karakoram.

  38. Lockhart And Woodthorpe .
    Gilgit Mission 1885-86

  39. Loude, Jean-Yves.
    Kalash Solistice

  40. Lorimer, D. L. R.
    Folk Tales of Hunza

  41. Lorimer, E. O.
    Language Hunting in the Karakoram

  42. Maggi,Wynne.
    Our Women Are Free- Gender and Ethnicity in the Hindukush.

  43. Maraini,Fosco.
    Where Four Worlds Meet.

  44. Maraini,Fosco.
    A Roman Flag on Mount Saraghrar

  45. Morgensierne, G.
    The Spring Festival of the Kalash Kafirs.

  46. Munnings, David.
    Towards a Sociolinguistic Profile of the Khowar Language.

  47. Naess, Arne.
    The Norwegian Himalaya Expedition- Tirichmir

  48. Raverty, H.G.
    Notes on Kafiristan

  49. Rose, Carol.
    Songs of the Kalash

  50. Schomberg, R.C.F.
    Between Indus and Oxus.

  51. Schomberg, R.C.F.
    Kafirs and Glaciers-Travels in Chitral

  52. Schomberg, R.C.F.
    Unknown Karakoram

  53. Scott, I.D.
    Notes on Chitral

  54. Staley, John.
    Words For My Brother
    Travels Between the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas

  55. Thamson, H.C.
    The Chitral Campaign;
    a Narrative of Events in Chitral, Swat and Bajour.

  56. Waller, Derek.
    The Pundiths
    British Exploration of Tibet and Central Asia

  57. Younghusband, Sir Francis
    The Heart Of A Continent

  58. Zahir, Muhammad.
    The Chinese in Chitral: The Finding and Context of Tang Dynasty Coins at Gankoreneotek – Singoor Cemetery, District Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan

  59. دیوان بابا سیر
    ترجمہ: مولا نگاہ

  60. مختصر تاریخ جموں و کشمیر
    حشمت اللہ
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