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Khowar is written in right to left Arabic script. Computers have been able to write Arabic Script based languages for quite some times, but Khowar had to wait long for that. Khowar alphabets includes six additional letters which were not included in the UNICODE, making it impossible to write Khowar in computers. However since 2009, there have been some efforts to make computers enable Khowar. In the result of these efforts, some methods have been developed for enabling Khowar in computers. Not all problems have been solved, but at least now there are some ways to write Khowar using computer.
On this page you can find resources and help for writing Khowar.


Libre Office

This method of writing Khowar works in any Operating System, with a certain application called Libre Office.
Download the following resources:-
1. Libre Office
2. Khowar font called Awami Nastaliq
3. Keyboard called Khowar Graphite Keyboard.
Install these resources one by one, and then open Libre Office, select Keyboard and Font, and start writing Khowar. Libre Office interface is not much different than MS Word.
Fonts used are windows basic fonts linke Times New Roman.

Burushasky/ Torwali languages

If you are a BURUSHESKI or TORWALI writer, you can enable your computer for yor own language.
Go through the smame steps as for Khowar, for Windows Xp, 7 or 8. Only one thing! You will have to download your own Burushasky or Torwali Keyboard instead of Khowar Keyboard, and install it.
Here are these.

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