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Enable Khowar in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is pre-activated for Right to Left Languages. In addition to that, for the first times Windows has incorporated Khowar fonts in its system. Now we need only a proper Khowar Keyboard to write Khowar, nothing else.

Download Khowar Graphite Keyboard and install.

You can select one of the basic fonts like Arial, Times New Roman and Sans Serif and start writing in any text editing application.
For the first time it has become possible to input Khowar text in the web, especially on sites like Facebook.

Shift between Languages

To switch between English,Urdu and, you can press windows logo key+space or press shift+alter, Or on your taskbar you can see ENG or UR and click on it to select the language.

For writing in Khowar, Select Urdu and then select Khowar phonetic Keyboard.

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