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Auto biography of Raja Hussain Ali Khan, alias Baba Jan Mehtar


Raja Hussain Ali Khan (Baba Jan Mehtar), belonged to the line of old Rajas of Askardu, called Maqpuns. Members of this family ruled over different parts of the Gilgit-Baltistan region, during the past three centuries. Hussain’s father Murad Khan sided with the British, while they were struggling to occupy this area. His services have been lauded by the British Officers during the wars Hunza-Nagar and Chitral. After strengthening their position in the region, the British Government gave key assignments to Murad Khan and other loyal chiefs. Murad Khan served on key posts like local Governorship.

His son Hussain Ali Khan also entered in the Government service and was alternately appointed governor of Ghizer and Ashkoman regions. He retained his position after the independence till 1974 when the old administrative setup was abolished. Husain Ali Khan had received good education and developed literary taste. He has recorded the experiences of a long active life, in a book, named Aab e Hayat. The book also contains a detailed account of the history of the region, including Chitral.

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