Translation from Khowar Poetry

Wali Zar Khan Wali (1946-1996) belonged to the beautiful village of Ayun in Chitral. He worked as an officer in the Provincial civil service of NWFP, (Now KPK) Pakistan. He had a literary taste and pioneered in many form of Khowar Literature, like drama and short story. His poems and lyrics bridge the gape between the old and new styles of Khowar poetry. Here are some lines from one of his popular lyrics, with English translation by Professor Murad Ali Khan.

The lyric was beautifully sung by Muhammad Hassan for Radio Pakistan in 1960's.

Professor Murad Ali

The lustrous stars will go into hiding.
The Moon will lose its radiance.

Birds will forget singing instinct, and will start making noise instead.
God’s entire creation, oblivious of self, will come running to gather together.

And travellers on errand, to far off places, will go astray, dazed.
The whole system of life will be thrown into confusion, and cosmos will turn into chaos…….

If, only my beloved comes out, and sits in her garden, her beautiful face unveiled.
In the hope of getting glimpse of that matchless beauty, wayfarers will put off their plans for next day.

Khowar Text
Poet: Wali Zar Khan Wali

استاری کھوشت بونی مسو روشتی کھور
یور یئی نِسیر تان نو بیشک اسمانہ

بویکرا ژریغ کورونی ہر ای کانہ
مخلوقات جمع بونی کل میدانہ

منزل دودیری بیتی بیابانہ
مسافر بہچونی چھوچھو ارمانہ

رفیق اینگار دی ازمائشو بچین
موخو ویریغ کوری کہ نِشیر استانہ

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