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Team Work

Shams ud Din

Teamwork offers the company/entity/organization and its staff the efficiency to be familiar with each other and learn how to work together. Teamwork is vital for a success of the company and development of each employee within it. Proper understanding of the values of teamwork will assist in developing company policies geared toward encouraging team growth in the workplace.

Teamwork creates unity of purpose, professional easiness and works miracle in doing away the obstacles facing any organization or even a country. It encourages sincerity amongst the staff and promotes mental clarity as a result of frequent brainstorming.

To promote an organization, all staff have to join hands objectively and leave little space for subjectivism. They then have to put themselves to ultimate test and advance positive values within the organization at its best.

Building team involves dynamism by keeping pace with changing organizational values in the course of time. Thus, the process of building team is highly difficult as it calls for skills, vision, knowledge and sincerity.


With team, it works miracle
In doing away with debacle
Many stronger than a single
Only if objectively mingle
For professional easiness
Teamwork is then a business

Everything with unity’s beatable
Nor problems remain debatable
If involves purpose and sincerity
Brainstorming plus mental clarity
Hard work equal to craziness
Teamwork is then a business

Join hands for grand objective
Don’t belie it being subjective
Promote values at its best
Put yourself to ultimate test
As glue ensure togetherness
Teamwork is then a business

A fact we don’t need to forget
It helps transit towards target
Like a ball landing the goalpost
Paving it to celebrate and toast
To stimulate jovial dizziness
Teamwork is then a business

It begins through building trust
And dusting off outdated crust
Shedding workload and stress
To enhance chances of success
No handpicking, no choosiness
Teamwork is then a business

Say no to ‘I’ and to ‘We’ yes
Dissolve ‘I’ for collective case
Work together and together laugh
Since mere silence is not enough
Focus on quality and exactness
Teamwork is then a business

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