Snowflakes Back


Shams ud Din

Snowflakes are nature’s spectacular manifestation that indicate exemplary climate condition in the mountains of Chitral, Pakistan. It is a critical source to replenish underground water reservoirs that feed fresh springs and streams.

When snowflakes whirl along the wind and drape its white sheet over trees, land, v-shaped valleys, ledges and icy lakes, it offers exhilaration for adventurists, trekkers, and nature lovers. In winter, snowdrift is a thrilling phenomenon and it would be an outwardly experience on snowy day to stand atop the windy crest with fog engulfing all around, sustaining bullets of snowflakes. At this point pleasant melancholy is unleashed and creative artistic vision refreshed when thick snow layer mutes the gurgling streams and morning fog rolls into the village.

With thigh-deep snow, steep landscape and mountain gorges, district Chitral is dubbed as ‘the land of avalanches’. In February and March, the cloud of avalanche is seen in the mountain at a stone’s throw from the village.

A heavenly feeling overcomes when waterfowls fly past the screen of snowflakes beating it down. To sum it, snowflake is life. It is a pivot around which the entire life revolves. It is a barometer of healthy climate and a spark of creative vision.

Lo! Whirled along the wind
As cloud on the sky thinned
That feels poignant and old
Ultra-white, soft and cold
Covering trees, draping lakes
The white sheet of snowflakes

Atop the snowy, windy crest
Breathing with exposed chest
And nothing to see on ground
With fog engulfing all around
Out there alone; out of tracks
Sustaining bullets of snowflakes

An eerie environ, you don’t know
Stream gurgle muted by snow
Ice festooned along the channel
Wall, ceilings and window panel
Permeating deep into wall cracks
With speed of wind snowflakes

Wind against poplar roaring
Eagles in the cloud soaring
When starts forming snowdrift
As nature’s spectacular gift
The chorus of ‘quack’ by drakes
Thru the curtain of snowflakes

(Shams Uddin)
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