Snow Glory: Spring comes to the mountains Back

The Glory of Spring

Shams ud Din

Spring season is of exceptional natural beauty in Chitral, northern Pakistan. It comes after a prolonged and harsh winter to raise people’s spirit and give them pleasure. With snow receding from the vicinity, snow glory breaks into to blossom and herald the onset of spring. Children run out of breath to collect the flower obviously to advertise the commencement of the bright season. Fastened to a thread, they pass the tiny white flower through the central chimney of traditional Chitrali house and get rewarded with walnut, dry fruit and sweet. Everyone looks thrilled and the entire village is abuzz with ‘happy spring’. Kids go onto fight with snowball; elders drum and dance whereas little girls enjoy swinging. The entire landscape coverts into a green carpet with moist soil giving off refreshing aura. It is time of the year, when living organisms get awakened from winter slumber and the air reverberates with chorus of toads. The motely-colored butterflies seen settled on tenderloin and doves overflying. Juniper scent, an aura so peculiar to the village, wafts through the atmosphere. It is the time of the year when pasture attract herd after herd of cattle tended by girls, who prepare their flute by sloughing off a smooth branch of willow. Settled atop the mossy rock overlooking the village, they play melodious notes as their cattle peacefully graze nearby.

Snow Glory

Snow ebbed with snow glory abloom
Glee retuned, withdrawn the gloom
From wintry anchor breaking free
Children on colleting spree
Of the gift so coveted to bring
To herald and welcome spring

Thru chimney they pass snow glory
A tradition telling wonderful story
Receiving walnut gift, dry fruits and sweet
With occasional reward of homespun tweet
Elders enjoying peacefully sitting
To herald and welcome spring

‘Happy spring’ the hamlet’s abuzz
A ripple of jubilation that it cause;
Children with snow playing foul
Nature prevails stirring the soul
Elders drum, kids doing swing
To herald and welcome spring

Wears the earth green garments
Refreshing aura the soil ferments
Thick is the air with butterfly
And a group of dove overfly
Juniper scent lightly wafting
To herald and welcome spring

Sloughing into flute a branch of willow
Rocking atop the rock looking below
Engrossed as if in the midst of pray
Melodious notes a tiny flutist play
With peaceful herd nearby grazing
To herald and welcome spring

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