The Muffled Song: A few lines for the Snow-Cock. Back

The Muffled Song

Shamsud Din

Mountains of Chitral support nearly two hundred birds species. Unfortunately many of these are facing threat of extinction due to habitat loss, environmental changes and illegal hunting.
Himalayan Snow Cock is one of the permanent
dwellers of these high mountain which is being
ruthlessly hunted.

These lines by Shamsud Din attempt to
highlight the issue.

With neck outstretched, standing tall
As if to serve villagers a wake-up call

Perched atop the rock a Snow-cock
Sang enchanting notes by 4 O’clock

Only it did hunters conspicuous bleep
Whilst lolling the rest into sound sleep

Merely few scrambled up the scree
Covering the clump of juniper tree

They wore the mask of white fox
Negotiating rocks to reach the crux

Waited for the daylight to rise
To get to the source of voice

Parading against the dimly sky
The bird formed perfect bull’s-eye

Just it caught the air and fluttered
When his life completely shattered

At the hand of a merciless poacher
Who subjected the bird to torture

Life with missing ecological chain
Will certainly be a source of pain

Let’s talk peace with God’s creature
To add to own life valuable feature

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