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Traslation from Khowar: Sher e Mulk

Shamsud Din

Mulkho region of district Chitral has traditionally been the cradle of Khowar (language) and Kho culture, as research and verbal testimony indicate. The name ‘Khowar’ basically stems from ‘Kho’—the name of communities spread in Mulkho valley from Lot Ovir to Terich.

Most of the prominent poets including the fabulous Sher-e-Mulk in the history of Khowar folksongs emerged from here. In the early years of the twentieth century, two other renowned poets and composers of the Khowar language—Ziarat Khan Zerak and Gul Azam Khan—came to settle in Mulkho, and the three became close friends. It was here that they composed the master pieces of Khowar folksongs.

The true ownership of these songs, nonetheless, is controversial largely because none of the mentioned poets composed any of the song in its entirety; instead one composed a piece, the other added to it to complete the stanza. But experts and researchers of Khowar folksongs and folk history, nonetheless, find clues to identify some of these folksongs against the socio-political backdrop of these poets and composers. In some of the verses, it clearly describes the personal history along with their names and socio-cultural background.

Here, a song attributed to Sher-e-Mulk has been rendered into English verse by Shams ud Din.

Oh people! I know I’m modest as dirt
But she’s matchless beauty on her part

Drunk with love’s wine, never hold seasons by horn
Only liken the spring to the smell of rose and thorn

Confound this world! It’s not reliable with lover
To the like of Laila Majnoon didn’t anything offer

Lovers speak much, I mince a word or two
It feels as smash to dirt when talks we do

Luck’s simple as in mud thou find rubby
Oh dears! Only for this I carry no lobby!

I don’t feel sad since my friend’s in the town
Nay plot against me hatched, daggers drawn

I don’t care since God bestowed this little soul
Even though friends forget making play my role

Life’s sustained making up for sins committed
That of beloved departed to heaven submitted

Oh sweet brothers! soul’s uneasy, I can’t sleep
As gives off scent the blossom of rose-bud lip

Public gaze’s now turned to my affair
Complains been intense creating fear

Lo came the spring! She walked to impress
With beauty of shoulder-long curly tress

I Came across a figure beautiful than a mirror
Submitted as slave, encouraged as an emperor

ہائے مہ نامیئرو رویان اسپہ ݯھوتی اسپہ گوسون
وطنہ جم روئے نِکی دوستو تمثیل کوروم کھیو سوم

یومونی گیتی بوغدو نو پوشیتام گریݰپو بوسون
بوسونی کھیوسوم تمثیل گلابوچے ملکھونان سوم
ہائے بے وفا زمانہ نو بہچیتاو وفا کوری لیلیٰ اوچے مجنونو سوم

عاشقان بو لودیکو اسپہ دی کم رو لو دوسیان
آسمانار زمینہ دیاو ݯھوتیو سوم ݯھوتی بوسیان
وانگاہ ݯھوتیو موژی لغل دُردانہ دی لیسیان

برارگینیان ژان برارگینیان اوا بے وفا بیراتام
رفیق وطنہ زندہ ڈق کیہ رے خفا بیراتام

برارگینیان ژان برارگینیان مہ مرینیان مہ دڑیئنیان
پھوک ژان خدایو دیرو مہ چوڑینیو کورہ لینیان

ہائے ہائے مہ یاران بغانی البت مہ روخڅی بغانی
ہمی گناہاں بچین مہ دنیائی پیڅھی بغانی

برارگینیان ژان برارگینیان مہ ژانوتے زور بیتی شیر
تہ شون غنچٔہ ریحان بوچھوݯھیران وور بیتی شیر

رویان دلیلو سورہ غیچ مہ سورہ چھور بیتی شیر
شکایت پروشٹی اوشوئے نیسین چرسو زور بیتی شیر

بوسون کو کیاوت گیرو مہ دوست تان کورؤو گیرو
دوستو ݰئیلی پرچم پھور بیتی کوٹھؤو دیرو

بے خبر یئی نیساتام پوشیتام شیشا نقشہ
ہزار غلام دی ہوتام ہزار ہوتام رومو باچھا

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