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Heritage Museum Laspur

Mumtaz Hussain

Amirullah Khan Yaftali is head of an extended family in laspur Chitral and a well-known figure of the area, both in political and social circles. His father Gul Wali Khan and grandfather Wilayat Khan remained part of the aristocracy during the days when Chitral was a princely state.

Amirullah Khan Yaftali is a man of cultural tastes and has been collecting articles of cultural importance for quite some time. These include local artifacts, antique utensils, arms, traditional dress items, jewelry, musical instruments, old photographs and personal belongings of rulers and notables.

Now the collection has been housed in a small museum attached to the ancestral home of the family in Harchin, Laspur. It is a good idea to stop by Chitral-Gilgit Road and have a look into the past of the region.

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