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Mehtar Katur-II's Love Song

Khalid Zafar

Though the Katoor dynasty of Chitral starts with Muhtaram Shah (Katoor-I), but it got firmly established during the reign of his grandson-Muhtaram Shah Katur-II (died 1838).

Katur-II and his brothers had to remain in exile for several years at the hands of a rival king-Shah Khirullah, and after an indefatigable struggle of almost two decades he regained the throne. Stories of this stuggle are part of the Chitrali folklore.

Katur-II or Chek Katur, as he was popularly known in Chitral, was a valorous warrior, farsighted statesman and skilled administrator. Beside all these he had love for literature as well. Translation of an "Ode" related to him is presented here with Enlish translation.

The Song

O beloved! Jejunity and short stature, my only deficiency
Thou my full-scale Moon, which vanishes like mirage after flashing in full excellency.

Thou my starling, having hair like Sambul.
Thy ruby lips, Hybla-honey and voice that of Nightingale.

My wild dove! I am trying to hand-tame thee, but in vain.
My life perishes in struggle of taming thee again and again.

O love! we couldn't find for thy wedding procession apt crew.
So we chose parrots and starlings, attendants for you.

Oh! the orchard of my beloved, fenced with clove,
Her teeth, the Great Pearl of Delhi, and eyes the most precious gem from above.

O Dear, when saw I in the Orchard thy bare foot,
Surely he would be the blessed, who would become thy suit.

Oh! that cruel time, when my beloved in the orchard used to squat.
Poor soul was about to leave me stunned, and amazed.

Sweetheart! beloved of parents, Apple eye of sisters, brothers
To me thou art a fairy, and human to others.

څیق کٹورو باشاوونو

پنجرشو مس یئی نِسی اچی لشکر غیب
څیقی اوچین بڑاڅیئے ہمیت ڈقو عیب
شریکی بلبلو ائے، ݰہ پرچم زمبولو
شون نبات مصری شکھور، تہ ہواز بلبلو
اوا شربڑنگ ݯھِݯھیئکو نو بویان سے ہیرو
دربتہ زمانہ کوری عمر آخر پھیرو
څیقیہ مݰکھی نولیم تتے مژار دویو
طوطی اوچین شربڑنگئے کومورو باردویو
دون دلیو مُت کیہ مہ ژان تہ غیچ ڑائےمسارئے
گُرزینو نسار نسوت قلاہور اسارئے
گُرزینو موژتو نِسی لوڑیتام نموتی
کوکی بختاور دسیران تہ چھاغور چموٹی
لشٹ گازہ نیشے کہ مہ ژان اوا گوم سلامو
تہ سوم برابر نو جݰوم ہیہ درست عالمو
گُرزینو موژتو نِسی خݰپ کوئے شولوتے
جلادان بیݰ لو مو دیور لو گونیان سوروتے
گُرزینو موژتو نِسی مہ رفیق نِشایو
اللہو دیرو چوڑینی ژان ایھ نو نِسایو
مہ ژان تان نان تتان بو خوش، دورو رویان دور ژوری
رویان غیچہ بنی آدم، مہ غیچہ میرژوری
Khalid Zafar is a lecturer in English in Government College Chitral.
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