It is the oldest mosque in Chitral city. It was built during the days when the Forte of the rulers was situated in that quarter of the City, which is called Jang Bazar (The Upper Market place)or the Parono Bazar(Old Market Place). Kator Rulers shifted the Forte to the present spot, near the River. Mehtar Muhtaram Shah Kator II (died 1837) constructed thye mosque with the help of articians brought from India. Jang Bazar Mosque remained the central mosque of the Capital till 1920s, when Mehtar Shuja ul Mulk built the new Shahi Masjid near the forte. The same Mehtar also re-build Jang Bazar mosque.

To the South of this Mosque is the Mausoleum of Shah Buria Wali, the famous saint of the area. On the Eastern side, is the New Royal Cemetery, where e rulers from Shah Afzal II(died1857) onward, have been laid to rest, excepting Shuja ul Mulk and Muzafar ul Mulk, who were burried inside the new Shahi Masjid.
Jang Bazar Mosque in Chitral

The New Mosque

Jang Bazar Mosque in Chitral

The Mosque in 1906

Jang Bazar Mosque in Chitral

Late 19th Century Sketch of The Mosque

shah buria wali Chitral

Mausoleum of Shah Buria Wali near Jangbazar Mosque

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