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The Haunted Camp

A Khowar Ghost Story

Translated By Fahim Ahmad Khan

Long time ago a man from Chitral set upon a long journey to Ghizer , beyond Shandur. While embarking on that long journey his wife and friends gave him an earful of advice. They especially counselled him to be careful while traveling alone, especially during nights. He gave a dam ear to their pieces of advice. While boasting he told them that he wasn’t afraid of ghosts, and he could singlehandedly kill them. Oozing confidence he mounted his horse and in a matter of seconds galloped away saying goodbye to his family.

On the way he met an acquaintance. He also told him to be careful of ghosts, but the traveler had firm belief in his strong body. He paid no heed and continued his journey.

After a long journey he reached Mastuj and stayed at a relative’s house to take a rest for few hours. The host requested him to stay at their house for the night, but he was stubborn individual therefore he refused.

Upon his refusal the host family provided him with bread, boiled eggs, and meat to eat on his journey. He thanked his hosts and continued his journey.

When he reached the end of Laspur valley, the sun went down and evening set in. He began to ascend the Shandur top and darkness began to swallow him. It was such a dark night that he couldn’t see his own hands. He felt extreme loneliness, hunger, and thirst.

When he reached the top, fatigue overwhelmed him and his horse. Unable to move forward, he decided to give up and search for any cave or rock-shelter nearby to stay for few hours. To his astonishment, he saw lights in the direction of the Lake. He took it for some shepherd’s stall and went towards it. Coming nearer, he heard music, as well as light peeking out from a huge tent. Now was sure that this is the camp of the King or some other nobleman who has come here to play polo. He quickly ran towards the tent stood at some distance from it. Listening from carefully, he heard people singing in different languages.

First, he heard melodious Persian tunes followed by some Pashto songs. In the end a lady with a sweet voice sang a Khowar song. A chorus soon joined her as well musical instruments began to spice up the party. They all began to sing in unison.

The traveler came nearer and peeped through one of the small opening in the tent. What he saw was enough to curdle his blood. There were ghosts and blood thirsty vampires enjoying a lavish party with dances and music feasting on human flesh. When they saw him, they began to throng towards him screaming our next prey. The traveler couldn’t withstand such a horrible scene. He felt down and lost his consciousness. He remained there lifeless for several hours till the sun rays began to pinch his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the premises of a ruined building, with no soul around. He searched for his horse but found its skeleton only. The Witches had made a feast of it. He thanked God that the witched had spared himself.

On that day onwards he promised with himself not to travel alone.

Faheem Ahmad Khan

The Author

Faheem Amad Khan has done his Masters in English Literature and M.Phil in development Studies. He has been writing in a number of journals on development issues. He has got a taste for literature too. Faheem Ahmad Khan is from Mastuj, Chitral and living in Abbottabad.
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