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Habeel Lal's Family Tresures

Habeel Lal of Noghor Muli, Kosht has got a family background of a taste for culture. He has has not only kept his family tradition alive, but has made it a passion. Habeel Lal has collected a large number of articles of cultural and historical importance. Many of these articles, he has inherited, and many others belong to other famous personalities. Habeel Lal deserves not only appreciation but support in his mission.
Here are some pictures of Habeel Lal's colletion. (06-May-2014)

Rahal, casing cum reading stand for the Holy Qur-an

Ibex skin is used as Prayer mate

Case for keeping pens

Begging bowl of a famous hermit, Pas Para Faqeer of Jughur.

Sieve made of leather

Spice container for kitchen

Left and right:Chitrali Sitar. Centre: Gharba (instrument played with mystic verses)

Daf, a percussion musical instrument.

Spindle for spinning goat hair

Spining wheel for spinning wool

Loom for Chitrali Patti

Wooden mould of Kon (soft leather shoes)

Kon (Soft leather shoes)

Gems and beeds

Gems and beeds


Arrow holder

Battle axe

Matchlock accessories

Matchlock accessories

Matchlock accessories

Matchlock accessories

Bipod for matchlock

Ibex trophy

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