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From Chitral to Outer Hebrides

Connecting Two Distant Cultures

In 2012, a Scottish designer Adil Iqbal came to Chitral with a project to establish links between the Cultures of Chitral and a remote corner of Scotland. That remote corner of Scotland, called Outer Hebrides, had one thing common with Chitral- the tradition of weaving. Its weaver produced for centuries, the best tweed in from the pure wool of their sheep. The same can be said about Chitral

His project aimed at working with the Chitrali artisan, to inculcate new themes in their work. The result was a collection of embroidery product, with new themes, both from the local culture as well as the culture of Scotland.

We are thankful to Adil Iqbal for sharing his catalogue with our viewers. (27-july-2013)

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